About The Trailer Trash

When I was in college I reviewed movies for the school paper. They’d give me a free ticket to some movie (usually a crappy one), I’d write the review somewhere between my second and third vodka tonic, and show up at 8am the next morning to meet my editor (luckily he was hungover, too).

Writing reviews was great, but now that I’m no longer in college (and no longer drink vodka tonics), reviewing movies is much too difficult. For one, the closest theater to my apartment is a 10 minute walk and 20 minute bus ride into Harlem. I could watch movies after work, but I work until 7pm, and I need to get home to watch the Food Network while I eat food.

Which brings up a second point. Who has time to watch movies? Did you know that movies are 90 minutes to 2 hours long? True story. Yes, in college that time was nothing. When I was a Junior, I once sat on a couch watching TV from 9am until 7pm and didn’t get up once. But now I’m old and working and there’s just not enough time in my life to waste watching a crappy movie for 1/8 of my waking day. And I imagine the same is true for you.

Oh, and movies cost a lot. So I don’t really want to pay to see them.

Trailers, on the other hand, are free. I remember when you used to have to go to a movie to see trailers. And you used to get pissed off at your friends b/c they’d think it was cool to show up fifteen minutes late, when you have to explain to them that the ONLY reason you agreed to see “Meet Joe Black” was because you wanted to see the “Star Wars Phantom Menace” trailer that ran before it (the trailer was totally worth it, the movie totally wasn’t). But now you can get all of the recent trailers at Trailer Addict, so I’ll never have to sit through another “Meet Joe Black” again. Or any other movie for that matter.

Because trailers are free and I like reviewing things, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to review trailers. And yes, I’ve switched from vodka to beer, which is what I’m drinking now as I come up with this fantastic idea.

Why should I read a blog by a guy who reviews trailers?

What an excellent question you ask! You probably shouldn’t. I daresay it’s time better spent reading real reviews on rottentomatoes.com (though my reviews are probably just as accurate). But maybe you don’t like watching crappy trailers. Or Maybe you like watching trailers, and you just don’t know what to think about them. Maybe you’re afraid real critics will give too much away. Maybe you’re too lazy to go to a separate page to watch each trailer. Whatever the reason, every Friday morning you can check in with me, and I’ll have a new post reviewing all of the the weekend’s major opening movies(‘ trailers).



Outside Help

I do a lot of this stuff on my own (including pretty much everything in the videos), but I can’t do it all on my lonesome.

My girlfriend (known as The Mistress of Horror in the wordpress world) contributes a large portion of the images and captions. She also edits my work, as I am completely incapable of distinguishing homonyms. She’s also the one who litters my blog with useless commas. Maybe when she’s not fixing my poor grammar and cooking me dinner she’ll get back to working on her blog.

Nola Pictures is another big help. They (often unknowingly) allow me to use their equipment for editing and recording. They also employ me, so that’s nice.

[In regards to anyone who currently resides in or has ever been a resident of a trailer park, I am sorry. This site has nothing to do with you. If you take offense to the title, you should probably leave the trailer park.]

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