Does the President Know where Bo is?! [TT Condensed – July 1, 2011]

Because if he doesn’t, I’m sure there’s a kid somewhere in California who has a grand adventure ahead of him.

Conan O’Brien has Balls of Bronze [TT Condensed – June 24, 2011]

Six of them in this video.

Ryan Reynolds Makes Amazing Cinema Happen Time and Again [TT Condensed – June 17, 2011]

So who wants to go with me to see Green Lantern tonight? Anyone?

I prefer movies with lions in them [TT Condensed – May 20, 2011]

So when I say¬† “a new post every Friday,” I really mean Friday-ish

Where did Natalie Porman go? [TT Condensed – May 13, 2011]

For all of those who are illiterate or who just don’t want to read my blog, here’s the Campbell’s soup version of the May 13 movie trailers.