A Personalized Message to Evan Crean: This is How You Review Trailers [Aug 12, 2011]

I just found out I’m not the only moron out here writing reviews about trailers. Granted, I understand these here interwebs are fairly expansive and have become rather popular as of late, so there had to be at least one other jerk out here who thinks this activity is a valuable use of time. In fact, there are probably a number of people with blogs who review trailers, and they probably all boast a higher number of readers than I (though their readers are no where near as awesome as you guys). Most of those critics, I wouldn’t dare berate. In fact, to all those who clearly state their opinion and have some wit, I would like to take this moment to wish all of you well, fellow trailer reviewers. But, then, there’s this son-of-a bitch at Starpulse.com. His name is Evan Crean, his blog is “Trailer Talk,” and he decided this would be a great picture to use for a profile.

Ha ha! I just pooped

Okay, that’s not very nice. Maybe he doesn’t take very good pictures. Or maybe his head is just that tiny. I can’t really talk; this is the only picture on my LinkedIn profile:


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