A Personalized Message to My Mom [August 19, 2011]

Happy Birthday, Mom!

If you showed this blog to any of your friends and didn’t tell them your son writes it, well, now they fucking know.

Yay! Your son says "fuck" a whole lot!

Last week we learned that cyber-bullying just isn’t worth it. I went on and on about Evan Crean — even going as far as writing a him a polite message letting him know my intentions — and he didn’t respond at all. He did have a slight change in tone this week with a sarcastically scathing “review” of One Day, but he’s probably just angry he doesn’t have a date to take to the movie.

I think this week I reach my max on trailer reviews. I could be like Evan and only talk about six of them, but I don’t shirk responsibility.

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