Tons of Movies for No One to See [July 29, 2011]

Why this week, of all weeks? I have friends staying over, a giant hole in my ceiling, and a project that I’m cutting and creating the graphics for. To be clear, I’m definitely not complaining about any of these things. My friends are awesome, the work is great, and the hole is actually rather chic*.

*Actual hole may or may not contain adorable cat

I am pissed off that there are sixteen fucking movies this weekend. And that’s eliminating the documentaries and Bollywood films. When I started this blog, I said I would cover (the trailer of) every scripted movie releasing (somewhere) in America (that isn’t from India [no offense, India]). Sure, there are a lot of parentheticals and conditionals in that statement, and I never publicly stated this until now, but that doesn’t mean I can break my one and only rule.

So what do I do this week? After spending an hour and a half collecting all the trailers, I have about 30 minutes to write, and this blog goes live to almost tens of people tomorrow. Looks like I’m gonna have to speed golf these reviews…

Cowboys & Aliens or Starring Olivia Wilde is a Terrible Premise for a Movie

John Favreau hasn’t made a bad movie in the past decade, while Harrison Ford hasn’t starred in a good movie this decade.

Harrison Ford almost makes the Beek look good.

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